Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Last Day

School is over.  The year went fast.  During chapel this morning, Pastor asked how many were sad and how many were happy.  Most said happy.  I voted for both.

The students had fun at the water activities for the day.  Most were very wet by the time it was done.  The surprise shower didn't help that situation.

Have a blessed summer.

Bible verse: Who will separate us from the love of Christ?  Romans 8:35

Parental Thought:  Choose your battles with your teens carefully.  It makes no sense to win the battle if you lose the war.

Daily quote:  “The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”  Alexander Chalmers

Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Preschool is now officially over for this school year.  I consider it a blessing to have known all 72 students.  I loved giving you five's at the door and occasionally teasing you.  I know that I will see some of you in stores or wherever.   May God bless your summer

Wednesday will be the last day for K-8.  We will have chapel at 9:15 with water fun day to follow.  If it rains, we will have movie day inside.

Bible verse:  It came to pass, while He blessed them, that He was parted from them and carried up into heaven.  Luke 24:51

Parental Thought:  Don’t embarrass your children by yelling at officials when you attend sporting events.

Daily quote:  “If only we’d stop trying to be happy we’d have a pretty good time.”  Edith Wharton

Have a blessed day.

Monday, May 23, 2016


My retirement celebration was awesome.  The staff song to me was so precious.  I have my hands over my ears because I knew that my son was going to share something I did not wish to hear.  Yes, it was one of many embarrassing moments in my teaching career. 

Saying goodbye to the Pre-4's was not easy today.  I have known some of them for 3 years.  I wish them God's blessings.

Graduation is tomorrow at 7PM.

Bible verse: Strive to have a conscious without offense toward God and man.  Acts 24:16

Parental Thought:  Teach your children not to be afraid to stand alone.   Learning to deal with peer pressure will help them avoid poor choices.

Daily quote:  “Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”  Guillaume Apollinaire

Have a blessed day.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Last Wednesday the preschool students had a wonderful Bike Day with safety, activities including a bike wash, a bike ride, and many others.  I love seeing some of the students riding without training wheels.

 This was our last pizza Friday of the year.  I am sure that some of the students will beg their parents to have it during the summer.

The zipline was taken apart this afternoon after many wanted to go down it for the last time.

Bible verse: Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free.  Galatians 5:1

Parental Thought:  Require your teens to practice basic hygiene.  Daily showers, properly brushed teeth, and freshly washed hair never hurt anyone.

Daily quote:  “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”  J. M. Barrie

Have a blessed day.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

19 Last Jump Rope Club until 4:15PM
20 Last Pre-2 class
21 Mr. Reisenbichler’s Retirement Celebration 5:30 PM
22 St. Mark’s has worship services at 8AM, 10:30AM, and 6PM with Sunday Sch. at 9:15AM
23 Last Day Pre-4
24 Last Day Pre-3 & PreK
25 Last Day of school, chapel at 9:15AM, water day starts at about 9:45, students dismissed after water activities
Prayer Families
Jordan S. (1), Jude T. (K), Lauryn G., Thomas G. (2), Jackson G. (1), Destiny B. (7)
Saint Salute
A big Saint Salute and thanks Julia B., Tanya C. and Randy R. for being with the 7-8 grade class on their recent field trip.
A big Saint Salute to the following for climbing the AR Wall of Fame:
Ethan Q. (2)         200 points
Ian C. (3)              200 points
Lauryn G. (4)       600 points
Kristen L. (5)        1100 points
Jake S. (7)            2900 points
After 40 years of teaching and 31 years as an administrator, I am now saying goodbye to many students, collages, and friends.  After 1000 of these Epistles, I must write my last one.  Changes occur in life.  But, one thing never changes – the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He made it possible not to say goodbye but to say until we meet in heaven.  I thank everyone that had an impact in my ministry.  Have a blessed summer.  Until we meet again, God bless every one of you.
Important Dates to Know
23 Last day for Pre-4
24 Last Day for Pre-3 & PK
25 Last day for K-8
June 13-17 Vacation Bible School
Reminder-Enrollment fees increase June 1
AR Over the Summer
Families are reminded that the AR web site will be open over the summer 8AM – 8PM.  That should start May 26.
Tuition Options for Next Year
Several options exist for the payment of tuition for next year.  You will need to decide as a family which one best fits your situation.
1.  Pay the entire amount by the first day of school and receive a 5% discount
2.  Have the amount deducted from the account of your choice
            A. Start in June and divide the amount into 12 payments
            B. Start in July and divide the amount into 11 payments
            C. Start in August and divide the amount into 10 payments
            D. For preschool, start in September and divide the amount into 9 payments
   This option can be deducted on any day of the month or any 2 monthly dates.
3.  Pay by check or cash (the highest amount).
            Choose 12, 11, or 10 payments
VBS (Vacation Bible School)
St. Mark’s will host a VBS June 13-17 at the church.  Students in Pre-3 through grade 6 may register.  A registration form can be obtained in the office.  Please call the office with any questions.
The annual uniform exchange table is in the hallway!
Yearbooks for Sale
Yearbooks for 15-16 are on sale for $12 each.  You will have at least 48 color pages of wonderful and memorable pictures.  To order send a check made to St. Mark’s.  Since we are using a different company this year, no special options are available (like name on front, personal note, etc.).  Order forms have been distributed and are also available in the hallway.
Yearbook ad and love-lines
Love lines for the yearbook can be reserved using the form being sent home.  Also, ads for the yearbook are available.  See the office.
Yearbook pictures needed
Any and all pictures for the yearbook can be sent to
Happy Birthday
19        Jaxson R. (P4)
20        Amanda P. (7)
21        Jordan S. (1)
23        Ava P. (PK)
26        Marchall F. (P4)
27        Noah J. (7)
30        Micah W. (P3)
Classroom information
Mrs. Frey (P-3 & P-4)
Preschool is saying goodbye this week! We are creating graduation crowns and getting our songs ready for our parents! 4’s AM class will meet with their chapel buddies one last time. On the last day we will pass out portfolios and certificates and have a potluck party! We are giving glory to God for a great school year, and wishing all of our students the best for next year!
Mrs. Reynolds (PK & P-2)
Pre-2 is having their end of the year party and saying good-bye! We have had an amazing year! It has been a blessing watching them grow!
Pre-K is continuing to review letters and putting together our portfolios for the end of the year. We are practicing songs for the end of the year party and talking about what we will do this summer. We are looking forward to our Picnic Tuesday the 24th!
Mrs. Sherman (K)
Kindergarten will wrap up the school year learning about maps and American symbols. The boys and girls will make an American symbols book.  The full day students will also complete a guided drawing of the Statue of Liberty.  At Bible time, the class will hear the account of Lydia.  They will be reminded that God works through all people to come to faith in Jesus and be saved. During math, they will review time, money, shapes and skip counting. They will solve number stories too. The full day students will complete their books of cvce words and play several sight word and math review games.
Mrs. Reisenbichler (1)
We made it to the last full week of school.  This week we focused on how Saul ways made new and equipped to serve the Lord.  In math, we completed our course of study and tested.  Our science based stories are ready for printing and look fabulous.  We also completed a STEM project this week designing and building farm fences.  It has been a wonderful year filled with many blessings.
Ms. Rhonemus (2)
We almost have a full grown frog in the second grade classroom! However, no one else (tadpole) has sprouted legs yet.  As part of our reading curriculum we are learning about using graphic features found in a text about the life cycle of plants. We are also refreshing our memory of persuasive writing by using the "Oreoes" method.  In math we are continuing to hone our change making skills and working on multiplication. Seventh and eighth grade began learning about energy after their trip.
Mrs. Mayo (3-4)
It's exciting and sad to know this is the last full week of school for the year.  The students have learned so much - but we're all ready for summer! We'll be wrapping up a lot of things this week.  In religion we'll study the account of Paul and Timothy and discuss how we should boldly proclaim God's word to the world.  We will finish reading Ralph S. Mouse and watch a movie about Ralph to celebrate the end of the book and the end of the year.  We will learn about the last 2 states - Alaska and Hawaii - in social studies.  In science we will learn about science and medicine.   In math the 3rd graders will review length, volume, weight, and capacity.  The 4th graders will have fun working with transparent mirrors this week as they work with lines of reflection and symmetry.
Mr. Postenrieder (5-6)
In our Bible time this week we performed some more experiments to illustrate Biblical truth through science. In 5th grade math we worked on collecting, graphing, and interpreting data. We also took our Unit 12 test. In 6th grade math we played an algebraic addition game and solved percent problems using proportions. We also took our final test! In our Language Arts time we completed our narrative papers on a life experience. In Social Studies we reviewed the countries of the Western Hemisphere and had a final exam over the countries. In Science we continued our look at “Living Resources.”  We continued to monitor our bluebird houses. We hoped to plant flowers in the large flower bed.
Mr. Mayo (7,8)
This has been quite a week for our class.  They were/are (depending on when you read this) in Tennessee with Mr. Reisenbichler.  Next week, the 8th graders graduate, and we celebrate the last day of school for this year.  Thank you, parents, and especially St. Mark’s Lutheran Church members for your support throughout this school year.  Thank YOU, students, for sharing your lives with me.
Mr. Reisenbichler (7-8)
In religion we are discussing addictions.  In 7th grade and 8th grade math the students are finishing their end-of-year test.  The students are constructing a key ring using a CAD program on the computer and them printing it on a 3D printer in STEM.